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Whether you are new to running, have never done a 5k or are just getting back into it post baby (moms AND dads!), you will love our comprehensive training program.
This is an 8 week program that is specific to parents who want to train WITH  their kids in the jogging stroller.

How is this program different?

Because running while pushing a jogging stroller is completely different!

This is one of the only 5k training plans out there that includes a complete strength training plan that complements the running program.  When you run with a jogging stroller your form changes entirely and you need to be strong to finish 3.1 miles pushing additional weight!

The strength program is specifically designed to target the muscles you use when pushing a jogger.  The goal is to increase your muscular endurance and support your joints properly so that you can run strong injury free!

The plan also includes pilates based movements to target weak core muscles.  If you are a new mom, the pilates based movements do wonders for strengthening those weakened and stretched pelvic and abdominal muscles.  And men, these core exercises will benefit you too!

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What does it include?

– 8 week running program:  customized for training with a jogging stroller
– 8 week strength training plan
– Warm-up and stretching routines
– Detailed descriptions, pictures and even video demonstrations of each exercise
– Stroller running form tips

Who was the program designed by? 

This program was created by Lauren Jones, B.S., ACSM.  She has her degree in exercise science and sports performance, is certified through the American College of Sports Medicine and is a level 2 pilates instructor.  Lauren also draws from her experiences as an endurance runner, stroller runner and mom to 2 young boys!

Program cost is $27.00


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