Stroller friendly trails: 

We are working on compling a list of all the stroller friendly hiking trails we can find in front range Colorado.  We are just getting started!   Our goal is to have a national database of stroller friendly trails so if you live outside of Colorado, please share your favorite stroller friendly trails in your area to:
*Please note, we are talking about dirt hiking trails.  Not paved paths in a city please!

Highlands Ranch/Parker/Castle Rock: 

Bluff’s Regional Park: 

–  2.7 mile gravel trail loop
–  Double jogging stroller accessible
–  Port o potties
–  Picnic pavilion
–  Panoramic views of Colorado’s Front Rang and of downtown Denver

The Backcountry trails:

There are a ton of trails here starting at several different places.  You can park at Mountain Vista Highschool and the trail starts near the athletic fields, past the track where it becomes gravel.  You go up a really steep hill for an amazing view and access to miles and miles of more trail.  The main East/West trail is almost like a road, perfect for a double stroller and further down with many side trails that are great for a single stroller.   If you keep going towards Daniel Park you will reach another set of trails that lead all the way to Monarch Highschool and beyond!  These are a little narrower but easily managable with a double stroller.  This pics was taken on those trails.

– Port-o-potties
– Picnic structures at some points
– Some trails are resident only
– 20 + miles of trails!


Green Mountain (William Frederick Hayden Park):  Probably our all time favorite stroller friendly trail system.   If you take the Green Mountain Trail it winds along the base of the mountain and is wide enough for a double stroller.   There will be a point where the trail meets a dirt road that you can take to the top of the mountain.  I am not sure of the name of the road but you will know it when you see it.  We used to call it the fire road because our lungs and legs would be on fire after trying to run to the top without stopping.

– Port-o-potties at parking lots
– Full sun so stays dry most of the year
– Beautiful wildflowers in the summer, lots of mountain bikers
– Rattlesnakes in spring/early summer

Bear Creek State Park:
–  Fee to park unless you have a Colorado State Parks pass
– Park in the dirt lot across from the Conoco off the Morrison exit, cross the street to the path which leads directly into the park for no fees!
– Picnic structures, restrooms and other facilities throughout the park
– Tons of multi-use trails including a fitness trail!  Great if you are training for an obstacle run.  Stop at all the stations and do at least 3 sets of 15 of each exercise.
– Trail options for single/double strollers and roads everywhere if you need a shortcut back.  Try to make it to the top of Mount Carbon!
– If you do an entire loop of outside trails you can probably get 7-8 miles

San Diego:


Tri-Canyon Parks
This park is made up of 3 open space parks encompassing over 1500 acres!
These gorgeous trails can be accessed from the USC campus.   The trails are basically the width of a road so great for single and double strollers.  Enjoy numerous fields of multi-colored wild flowers, patches of huge eucalyptus trees and rolling hills so steep you will be reduced to a slow crawl.
Couldn’t find exact trail mileage as it does split several times but one website said 12 miles of trails, that is enough for us!




——–>  Much more to come- we are just getting stated!!

Websites we love: 

Map of Play by Kaboom:

Kaboom is a national non-profit dedicated to ensuring that all kids get a childhood filled with the active play needed to thrive.  Play is disappearing at home, at school and in communities, particularly for the 16 million children living in poverty.

Run Stroller Run:
Find stroller friendly races all across the country!

Mommy Stroller:
Helping you find the best stroller for your lifestyle

Athlete on Fire: 
Inspirational blog/podcast that interviews amazing athletes from all over the world!  We listen to these podcasts to keep us going during hard workouts/runs.

Moms Run this Town: 
Free local running clubs for moms!  Find one in your area HERE.  


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