gina picGina Fontaine, Creator of Power of Pregnancy Pre and Postnatal Fitness Education, is a 20 year fitness industry veteran and mother of 3. Gina’s path of fitness grew naturally from her physical interactions with her 6 older brothers. There was scarcely a moment of inactivity in Gina’s youth.

Her passion for movement led her to pursue a degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University. From there, she blazed a trail to Colorado, the land of beauty and outdoor leisure. She has spent her 20 year career in Colorado first, as a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and group exercise instructor, and later as Director of Fitness for 2 parks and recreation departments and a personal trainer and group exercise instructor at Denver Athletic Club.

With the birth of each of her 3 children, she became more deeply enamored with pregnancy and giving birth. She experienced a grace and power in birth that changed her life as a woman, and she desires to empower women to experience pregnancy as a unique and powerful time in life.

For those in Colorado, Gina does a variety of educational seminars.  One is coming up soon!

For more information on this topic attend Gina’s workshop “Fit for the Journey of Motherhood” at Natal to Nest- 8955 S. Ridgeline Blvd., Highlands Ranch, CO on July 9 from 6:00- 7:30 pm.  Learn more/register HERE.

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