I am looking at these goals I set for myself in 2015 and wondering where to even start.   I am one week into my challenge of running 50 miles in 30 days (while pushing my boys in the double jogging stroller) and I am beat!  I was able to get in just 9 miles this week, short of my weekly goal of 12.5 miles.

stroller snow 2 small

one challenge this week: HUGE snow piles!

I’m not going to sugar coat it for you:  pushing a double jogging stroller is no walk in the park.  It is hard.  It is sometimes frustrating.  Often you feel as though you are running against an un-moveable wall.  And then you realize, oh wait, I am not moving.  Is it actually possible to move backwards when you are using every ounce of your strength to get this monstrosity of a thing to move forwards?

And then there are your kids.  There will be whining, and blowouts without diapers and meltdowns.  You will get lost, or maybe even get a flat tire.  You will start daydreaming of those runs you did before you had kids when you could still hear the birds chirping and the wind blowing through the trees instead of “mommmm, West just bit my hand and then boogers came out of his nose and now my hand is covered in boogers.”

stroller snow

…….and no sidewalks to be seen

By now you are probably wondering why I started this website in the first place.  Huh, Running with Kids?   Shouldn’t my runs be the time I am free from the kids, free from the responsibilities; my time for me?

So I will tell you why.  Because despite all the overwhelming reasons why I shouldn’t want to run with my kids, there are a million more reasons why I do, and why in the end I love it and I hope you do too.

I would miss a thousand colorful sunsets over the Rocky Mountains that I share with my boys.

I would have missed seeing the HUGE praying mantis on the trail that day or the hundreds of other cool bugs we spy every time we get on the trail.


Seeing this guy on the trail was SO cool!

I would miss the amazing feeling of accomplishment I feel when I get up that huge hill near my house without walking and Wyatt says, “Great job mommy, I knew you could do it!”

The time I spend with my boys running and working out with them is priceless.  I will never get that time back with them.  Everyone always says it goes so fast and although it sounds so clique I can’t help but agree.



So going back to those lofty goals I set for myself:

Yeah, it’s going to be tough.  There may be moments where I want to give up and maybe I won’t accomplish all I set out to.  But I WILL keep moving!   So I didn’t reach my goal this week.  That is okay.  I can make it up next week, or maybe the following.

Come on boys, hop in the stroller.  It’s time to ROLL!

–  Lauren Jones
Mom to two cuties


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