I had a good friend coming into town I hadn’t seen for 3 years.   We had met on a study abroad program in college where we spent 8 weeks backpacking Australia and New Zealand together.   Since we last got together, I had my 2nd son and she her first child, a little girl now 18 months old.

I was so excited to show her our amazing state of Colorado, do some hiking, head out to the desert for a mountain bike ride and spend some quality time together in the outdoors.  But alas, if Colorado is known for one thing it should be its unpredictable weather.
The weeks leading up to her visit were very mild for a Colorado spring.  Above 70 degrees most days and even a couple of 80 degree days here and there.  Yet a couple days before her arrival the news reported that the “polar vortex” was going to be dipping down into Colorado to bring us frigid temperatures and at least a foot of snow (we ended up getting over 2 feet)


The snow was over Wyatt’s head!

Now, I am all for getting outside and being active with my kiddos: just bundle them up, throw them on a sled or in a pack and keep going.  But this was a major storm, I mean it was the polar vortex people!

We are all very active people and so after a day of catching up, playing board games and hanging out with the little ones we were all feeling a bit stir crazy.
So we came up with some workout ideas that can be done with your kids (or more like using them for weights) to help us (and the kids) get some energy out:

Strength workout: 

4 stations:

1= Pushups
2= squats
3= Situps
4= dips

Goal= 15-20 reps with a kid on you the entire time X 3 rounds!

Want to make it more challenging?

If you have 2 kids hold both of them while doing squats, do push-ups on your hands with both kids on your back and raise the kids in the air when you are doing sit-ups.  Tough but so much fun!!

squats with boys

Put one child in a backpack and hold the other during squats for a great strength workout!

Cardio and plyometrics: 

Kids love music and dancing so why not incorporate both of these into a cardio routine that will leave you out of breath and get a little of that cooped up energy out of the kids!

We found a couple songs that we made games out of.   One example is“Jump Around”  by House of Pain.  Pretty obvious but every time they say “jump around” everyone, well, jumps around!

Another is Guns N’ Roses “Welcome To The Jungle”.  Every time you hear “Welcome to the Jungle” do a burpee, dance during the other lyrics and do high knees during instrumentals. 

——>  Choose 5 of your favorite songs and come up with creative cardio routines for each!

See our in-home workouts section for more fun ideas HERE

After the storm…..

The day after the storm passed, Colorado showed it’s true colors and gave us a beautiful sunny and warm day.   Time to head outside to play (and fit in a fun workout)!

After you build a snowman with the kids, create an extra large “snowball” for yourself to do some exercises with.

–  Deep squats (15-20 reps holding snowball, touching it to the ground each time)
–  Deep snow broad jumps (15-20)
–  Snowball step-ups (15-20 each leg)
–  Sled pull:  50 meters
–  Sled push:  50 meters

Repeat 5 times and then grab some hot chocolate!

Check out all of our snow-day workouts on HERE.  

IMG_2602 (1)– Lauren Jones
RWK founder and mom to 2 silly little boys


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