Run streaking is not, in fact, running stark naked down your street despite what the name may seem to imply.

It is simply the act of running consecutive days, seeing how long your “streak” can last.

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Why should I run streak?
Both the American College of Sports Medicine and the Surgeons General call for ALL Americans to get AT LEAST 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity most days of the week to stay healthy and prevent chronic diseases like Type II diabetes and heart disease.  If you are looking to lose weight or get fit, this is bumped up to 60 minutes.
Running is the most efficient way to burn calories and improve your fitness.

How to do it:
If you are not a runner, hate running or are out of shape streak running might seem like an unrealistic proposition, especially if you are already struggling to find the time or motivation to exercise.

So, let’s simplify things!
—–>  Let’s first make the goal and commit to being “active” 30 minutes a day.  At the very least you are benefiting your own and your family’s health by accomplishing this.
Do you have a dog?  Kids?  Easy!  Just plan a walk everyday.  Maybe after a meal to get the blood flowing.  Walk to a nearby park or playground or explore your neighborhood.

Now for the running part.

—–> If you are completely new to running, let’s make the goal of running for 5 minutes total within that 30 minute frame.  Doesn’t have to be 5 minute straight.

—–> If you have been running but are still getting into running shape, make it 10 minutes total.

—–> And if you have been a runner in the past or are currently training for a specific event and know that you can run for 10 minutes without stopping then let’s shoot for 15 minutes of running.  Ideally 15 minutes straight but if you have to break it up that is okay too.

There you go.  A simple plan to help you get active (and running) every day.  Since you are only doing 5-15 minutes there is no risk of overuse injuries, over-training, etc.  This plan is meant to help you form new habits and set you on the path to a fitter, healthier you!
Use our minute tracker calendar!
If you are training for a solo race or plan on running with your family, use our minute tracker calendar to set weekly goals and track minutes or miles!  Put it somewhere you can see everyday (like your fridge) to keep yourself and/or your family accountable!weekly minutes calendar

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