Hey, hey you!  Yeah you, with your Starbucks mug, Versacchi diaper bag and sunglasses with some other designers name that I can’t pronounce:  Stop staring!

Oh, you think it is funny that I would rather work myself into a sweaty, sloppy mess chasing my kid around pretending I am a swamp monster than sit around sipping a latte.

IMG_0108Or maybe you think it is weird the way I swing myself across the monkey bars like a, well, overgrown monkey in the attempt to teach my 4 year old how to get across.

Oh, I know what you are looking at.  The old sweatpants I’ve had since college, the ones with the purple paint stains.  And no, I didn’t shower today, or yesterday.  In fact, when did I last shower?  Oh well, I am covered in dirt and sand now.

I never knew there was a dress code for the playground.  I will definitely wear my knee high boots out next time.  NOT!   These old running shoes do just fine thank you very much.

If you can just tear yourself away from your status updates for one minute you will notice that your child is throwing sand in all the other kid’s faces.

Sure, I may look like a sweaty, overgrown monkey but you know what?  I am having a blast!  And it isn’t just about me.  I am spending valuable, quality time with my children.  I am showing them that I am not just the laundry doing, food cooking, cleaning and nagging machine that they see at home.

They get to see me at my best on that playground.  The me that is free, the me that laughs and runs and plays!images

I like to think that I am setting a great example for them, to show them that they are more important than a small box with a screen, than a thousand empty, meaningless words and images we are so mesmerized with.

And when we head home, often covered in dirt, sometimes a few bruises but always with smiles you know what?  I don’t care what you think.

 So we will see you tomorrow, same time, same place.  You bring the latte’s, I will bring the fun.

–  Lauren Jones
RWK founder and mom to 2 silly boys


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