Think you can run 50 miles in 30 days?  What if you are pushing a jogging stroller (including kids)?

Stroller running challenge! jpegIf you’ve visited my Challenges page, you will see that I have set some high goals for myself in 2015.

I am coming back after some major setbacks recovering from an emergency c-section (read more HERE).  Pre-kids, I was an avid trail runner and competed in at least 2 events a year.  It’s been over three years since my last event and I got a little trigger happy a couple of months ago when I decided to sign myself up for not one but four events this summer!

Hence the inspiration for creating these challenges.  Small stepping stones to help me train for the events, all while spending time with my two boys.


To start, I will attempt to run 50 miles in March and 100 miles in April, all while pushing my boys in a double jogging stroller.

I have been running maybe once a week since January, usually 2-3 miles at a time, always pushing the boys in the jogging stroller.  When I set the 50 mile challenge I figured that would be 4 days a week running 3 or so miles a pop, not too bad to start.

I did my first official run for the challenge yesterday and I am happy to say it felt amazing!   It was around 41 degrees and sunny, perfect running weather for me, who tends to overheat if it gets a degree above 60.

wyatt run

My oldest son Wyatt (almost 4), ran the first 1/2 mile with me. He is pretty fast so I really have to move to keep up

We’ve had a snowy couple of weeks here in Colorado so there were huge snow-piles to get over and many stretches of unshoveled sidewalks but that made it all the more fun and challenging.  The course I took was just over 4 miles and I think I gained over 500 feet elevation, not too shabby.

During the run we played a game seeing how many squirrels and bunnies we could spot along the path, this makes things a little more interesting for Wyatt and keeps my mind off the tough inclines.

What I found the most surprising by the end of the run was that my arms were the first to tire!!  I thought for sure my cardio or legs would be the limiting factor but it is easy to forget how much of an upper body workout it is pushing my big honking stroller!

mapmy runmarch2ndMy main goal was to keep moving, no matter how steep the hill or how slow I was going.

The weather is looking good for tomorrow so I will be out again: 4 miles down, 46 more miles to go.  Wish me luck!

Want to join me in my March Miles challenge?   Set your own mileage goals and track them HERE.







– Lauren Jones
RWK founder and mom of 2 little rascals


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