1.  True or false:  after the age of 30 your metabolism starts to decline

TRUE, but a trick question!   Our metabolism goes down because we are less active and thus lose muscle mass.  Muscles are the body’s metabolic power house, the more muscle tissue you have the more calories you burn at rest.  Hence the importance of staying active and doing strength training!



2.  FACT:  Eating meat, whole milk/dairy, sugar and white bread/pasta will cause you to develop more wrinkles.  Eating more fruits, vegetables, oils and whole grains will help you to develop less wrinkles:


3.  Walking the dog everyday is enough exercise:

FALSE!   Not if you want to prevent chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease or lose weight.  ALL Americans should be getting at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity most (6 days) a week.  For weight loss we need 60-90 minutes.  Your heart rate should be up and it should be hard to carry on a conversation during the activity.resolution-230x300  No time for exercise?  See question #4.

4.  The average American child uses 38.5 hours of media a week (TV, video games, etc)

TRUE!!  There is a direct correlation between our sedentary lifestyles and both the obesity epidemic (for both children and adults) and the rise in chronic diseases like diabetes (yes- in children too!).  It is time to start moving!


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