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Interval training can do wonders for your cardiovascular system.  In fact, it is THE most effective and efficient way to get fitter, faster.

Many run programs include intervals but there can be tedious and boring.  Here are some new ways to make that interval training you dread more bearable, and maybe even fun!


Lunge with your kids for an added challenge!


1.  Walk, jog, lunge:

Walk for 15-90 seconds, jog or sprint for 15-60 seconds and then lunge for 15-60 seconds.  The length of the interval depends on your fitness level.  If you are just getting started, extend your walk and shorten the jog and lunge.  As the intervals get easier, shorten the walk and push harder during the jog!

2.  Landmark intervals: 

Choose a landmark ahead of you like a trash can, park bench, driveway, etc. (or have your kids choose one for you).  Run or sprint to that landmark, give yourself a 15-90 second recovery and then choose another.  Choose landmarks that are different distances away and try to keep the same speed the entire interval, no matter how far away it is.  As the intervals get easier, shorten your recovery time!

Race to the next landmark!

3.  Kids counting lesson:

This one really only works if you have your kids with you.  Ask your kids to count to a number that is difficult for them to count to.   When they start this is your interval!  Jog, run or sprint until they finish and anytime they make a mistake you start over!   If this gets too easy have them count backwards.
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