game workout#1:  Play I-spy

#2:  Pick out shapes in the clouds

#3:  Play a game!
Print this card and bring it along on your next run.  Your kids spot the objects, you do the exercises!

#4:  Do a nature scavenger hunt:
How many birds, yellow flowers, squirrels, etc can you find?  Bring a pair of binoculars and a nature book and have them search for certain birds, animals or tree species.  You will learn a ton too!

#5:  Do music intervals!
Have your kid(s) sing their favorite songs (most kids know the entire “Let it Go” Frozen theme song) or invest in a small Blue tooth speaker and take requests.  Every-time they hit the chorus you sprint!

#6:  Nature math lessons:
Grab a handful of rocks, leaves, sticks, etc.  Come up with all kids of math problems (*inspired by LA Running Mama)
– How many total/each type
– Adding groups together/subtracting
– What shapes can they make

#7:  Stop for a play break! Stroller intervals
Choose a route that goes by a playground, field or park.  While the kids get out to play you can fit in a workout.  See our Playground workouts page for ideas.

#8:  Bring some food: 
This is short lived but it keeps the kids happy and quiet for awhile.   Make sure to pack plenty of beverages and snacks!

#9:  Collect bugs!
Bring a magnifying glass and a jar in case you see any cool bugs to examine

#10:  Counting intervals:
Help your kids learn how to count while you get a great cardio workout!



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